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Great tools and course Mike, i think you hit the nail on the head here with your VideoSalesletter Formula: your 20 (oh year 21 actually) Simple Steps add up to a Truly Total Turnkey System for skyrocketing conversion. Well this is a real magic ingredient, I believe. thank you, my friend!
Diego Navarro, California, USA
Thanks mike for the valuable information provided. It's a fresh breath for me. I dont have my own product so I really liked your idea with using VideoSalesletter Formula for overriding other people's old marketing and directly linking to the buy now form. Great stuff!
Samuel, France
I enjoyed reading the case studies and watching your "VSL tutorials." Very informative, containing innovative strategies for increasing conversions. Actually I've already implemented a couple of tricks you mentioned and they work like charm. Thanks, Dean.
Dean Wilkinson, NY
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